Strategic plan

Sunday, June 05, 2016


Strategic Priorities

quantitative  objective s

Strategic measures already taken















Developing wealth creation for the country


-    Increasing percentage of export finance to total finance

-    Increasing the ratio of earning assets ( assets generating income) to total assets

-    Decreasing ratio of NPL to Total loans

-    Increasing the volume of international money transfers  in export sector

-    Increasing the volume of nostro and vostro accounts in foreign currencies

-    Defining new banking products for branches & subsidiaries abroad with an aim to grow their activities & income

-    Increasing absorption of  funds  from the National Development Fund

-    Innovating new banking products

-    Clearing receivables from the government

-    sale of surplus property

-    Handing over surplus companies

-    Giving priority to supplying the production units with working capital

Giving priority to export sector in banking services, converting non-earning assets to earning assets, designing and establishing an integrated risk management system,  collecting outstanding claims, activating international network based on Strategic Plan, interaction with National Development Fund to attract fund sources, creating a Research Council, interacting with the government to reduce receivables from  the public sector, designing a system to manage the Bank's fixed assets, designing and establishing an asset & liability portfolio management system, enforcing and monitoring Bank's credit policy in working capital financing


Sustainable financing of public sector and minimizing  government's dependency on oil revenues

-    Improving  profitability of the Bank

-    Improving   the Bank's Return on Assets ratio

-    Improving the Bank's Return on Equity ratio

-    Reducing Cost of money

-    Increasing effective deposits

-    Increasing the Bank's share of deposits in total  deposit market

Designing and establishing an integrated risk management system,

designing and establishing  a comprehensive marketing system,

increasing  commission income, increasing the ratio of low-cost deposits to total deposits, designing and implementing  development plans / product improving



participating Actively and effectively in policy-making and legislation affairs


-    Effective participation in improving laws and regulations ( Usury- Free Banking Law, Monetary and Banking Act, etc.)

-    Increase engaging and cooperating  with policy-makers  and the Legislative Branch


Cooperating with the Economic Affairs Committee of the government and the Parliament and interacting with the country's policy-makers and the Legislative Branch



strengthening financial and administrative transparency, organizational health and discipline

-          Improving Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR)

-          Improving financial and administrative discipline

-          Systematic supervision of  branch operation s

-          Reducing overdrafts with Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Designing and implementing  an integrated risk management system,

designing and establishing  an  assets and liabilities portfolio management system, increasing  the capital, establishing

Risk  Management  Committee (for credit, liquidity, operational and market risks), upgrading a  systematic monitoring  system



Developing inter-organizational  and cross-organizational cooperation


-          Effecting letters of understanding  with various organizations

-          Developing syndicated loans


Marketing interactions with organizations and other credit and financial institutions and effecting letters of understanding with them , designing and establishing an  assets and liabilities portfolio management system




Integrating management and operational data

-          Accomplishing core banking systems

-          Annual growth of the ratio of electronic transactions  total transactions


Centralizing and Integrating  current banking systems ( in local and foreign currencies), establishing a framework for service management ,  integrating all services rendered  in branches, establishing  and effectively  managing the data bases, establishing  a data security management system and developing electronic banking services



Target-oriented development of organizational and human capital

-          Increasing per capita income to total branches

-          Increasing per capita operating income

-          Increasing the ratio of operating income to operating costs

-          Developing participative management

-          Increasing customer satisfaction

Through upgrading  the branches network, designing and establishing a comprehensive marketing system, designing and establishing development plans/ product improving plans ,  designing and establishing an integrated risk management system, increasing commission income for the Bank , changing deposit compositions with an aim to decrease costs, developing  a system to receive effective suggestions,

designing and establishing  customer satisfaction monitoring system (standard questionnaire),

designing and establishing  Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)




Dissemination of strategic priorities of the Ministry of  Economic  Affairs and Finance and quantitative objectives, holding state c onferences , Creating a new section for strategic management in BMI's website (, holding  meetings and evaluating the performance of the Bank based on BMI Strategic Plan , enumerating those missions of the Strategic Plan  accomplished in BMI's internal bulletin or publishing a separate monthly bulletin concerning the same , budgeting for quantitative objectives and strategic measures, designing a  performance- reward system, activating an Administrative Evolution Council and/or  establishing a  Strategic  Evolution Council , implementing  a strategic suggestion system, publishing the Strategic Plan of BMI in BMI's internal bulletin , making some specific units of BMI responsible for  objectives and strategic measures , measuring  level of knowledge  and compliance of all BMI units with regards to Strategic Plan , organizing press conferences

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