The Message of Managing Director

In The Name of God

Thanks God for giving me the opportunity to work successfully in Bank Melli Iran for years. Every brick of this institution was laid with Love and honor by honorable people of this land. I am also grateful to God for granting me the knowledge about the worth of this rich heritage and I hope to do the best in my responsibilities.
I firmly believe that trained and responsible managers and employees working in Bank Melli Iran have brought the trust of customers to it since the time it was established. Having worked in different parts of BMI has proved me Customer Orientation and Promoting Banking Services are the major priorities and this bank is meant by them. The two mentioned issues intertwined in all parts of BMI.
Although a great number of organizations and institutions just consider them as their motto but historical reputation of Bank Melli Iran determines its key place in the society and brings more obligations to banking system, money and economy policies.
Undoubtedly, My Dear colleagues will pursue the principles constantly regarding the trust of our clients especially those principals concerning retaining capital, trustworthiness, customer privacy and aligning with economic development program of government that its achievement depends upon the supports of banking system. Bank Melli Iran offers various services to meet customer requirements as well as helping producing sector and providing business growth efficiently and correctly.
Above all, BMI has involved in a number of massive economic plans from participating, granting loans and investing in them to taking economic, financial and social responsibilities- an indication of BMI's interest to customers and resolving their problems and pursuing government goals as well.
Dear valued leader of Islamic Republic of Iran entitled the current year as “The Year of the Economy of Resistance, Action and Implementation”. Bank Melli Iran will make an attempt to fulfill and put into practice this decisive and key slogan.
I've been informed through all years of working in BMI that interest in people in BMI is beyond gaining profits and achieving economic goals. The clients are aware of the matter in spite of up and downs of the bank too. Employees of Bank Melli Iran believe; "We have no consultant around the world better than our clients and we are not going to have".
Hope you help us and we are ready to hear any comment and suggestions.

Mohammad Reza Hoseinzadeh
Chairman and Managing Director