Social Responsibility

Sunday, June 05, 2016
What matters in the journey of many big and international organizations toward the ideals and achievement to the objectives is their performance on boosting scientific, cultural and art level of the society which is named social responsibility.
The last 88 years illustrates BMI involvement in the community and the lives of the people in addition of its economic role. Being in a constant endeavor supporting all social classes in various situations and allocating some part of the resources to development plans of culture and society without expecting any profits are among those responsibilities which BMI is undertaken to do.
Close collaboration with charity organizations like State Welfare Organization, Relief Committee of Imam Khomeini, Organ Donation Community, Society to support children suffering from cancer, Orphanages and care centers for abandoned children and Participation in social movements such as holding charity celebrations to raise money and release prisoners of unintentional crimes and helping deprived population are some of cultural and public utility deeds of BMI.

Constructing schools
Considering the importance of education and children‘s rights in this area, BMI contributes to construct schools in deprived areas of our Islamic country.
BMI employees believe that knowledge and wisdom are bases for welfare and security of the society so that they consider the act of building schools as a step toward welfare and uplifting Iran‘s name .
One 8 classrooms vocational school in Ilam
One 14 classrooms secondary school in Zabol
One 10 classrooms elementary school in Khoramshahr
One 6 classrooms vocational school in Birjand
One 5 classrooms elementary school in Balrood zillaee village in Boyer Ahmad
One 9 classrooms secondary school in Bashagerd
One 5 classrooms elementary school in Baft city of Kerman
One school in Booshehr
One school in Hamedan
One school in Semnan
One school in Northern khorasan
One school in Razavi khorasan
One educational center in Tehran
Two school in Makoo city of Western Azerbaijan
Releasing the prisoners of unintentional crimes:
The majority of people incarcerated for years because of an accident or occurrence never thought an unpleasant event was going to occur.
BMI employees have been pioneer in releasing these prisoners because of their belief on this slogan; “Releasing one prisoner of unintentional crime is releasing one family (from misery and sorrow) and releasing one family is releasing one society.
Releasing the prisoners of unintentional crimes in Lorestan
Releasing 87 prisoners of unintentional crimes in Astaneh
Releasing 27 prisoners of unintentional crimes in Golestan
10 milliard Rials cash assistance for releasing prisoners
600 million Rials cash assistance for releasing prisoners of unintentional crimes
Allocation of 500 million Rials to Golrizan celebration
Supporting Sports Events
Exercise is a key to good health and well-being. Developing the culture of exercising will lead to improving public health, high morale and social happiness.
High morale and strong mind enable us to overcome the obstacles and difficulties in the life. Exercise does this by its positive effects on body, mind and spirit that have also been proved scientifically.
If the expression; “mankind, society and healthy life” be considered the purpose of sustainable development, so that exercising should be regarded as an infrastructure basis for making society healthy and an effective tool for encountering social harms and injuries.
BMI employees’ vision has always been to support different sport teams.
Supporting Muay Thai competitions
Supporting Kerman Karate team in world championship
Supporting Tehran Table Tennis team of disabled war veterans
Supporting  Scientific and Cultural projects
BMI and BMI employees recognize the importance of culture and science. They have tried to solve financial problems of scientific groups with the aim of growth and rise of our Islamic society.
Supporting robotics teams and appreciating Medal of Science recipients are among these deeds.
Financial support of eighth international robotics competitions (ROBOCUP)
Holding national video games competitions
Financial support of sixth international robotics competitions (ROBOCUP)
Supporting youth film and photo festival
Holding second international festival of Islamic resistance
Children Protection
The future world is in children’s hands. Respecting children’s rights, supporting children without the gift of family, attempting to treat sick children are among some of BMI employees responsibilities.
Financial assistance to child foundation
Financial support of a 5 years old child in Hamedan
Visiting Mahak (society to support children suffering from cancer) on the universal children’s day
Holding a children competition on the universal children’s day
Financial assistance to child foundation at the child sponsorship conference
Visiting Shabir nursery and providing financial assistance

Public Utility plans
BMI has participated in investment plans and public utility projects aimed at economic growth and welfare in line with the government goals.
Allocating 114 Milliard Rial to 39 Public Utility plans


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